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All OCAST and OHSO documents have been moved to a new portal: OGX. Please navigate to for all OCAST or OHSO documents.

Welcome to the OK Grants system.  Within this system, you are able to search for grant opportunities, track your project status and submit requests for payment.

This system requires an initial registration process. 
  • The agency administrator (AA) will complete the initial registration process for the organization by selecting the Agency Administrator Registration button. Only the AA should complete the registration page. Examples of an agency administrator are Executive Director, Grants Manager, Program Director, Mayor, Research Administrator or CEO.
  • Once access is approved, the AA will receive an e-mail and will designate access to organization members. Access to an organization is only granted by the AA. Examples of organization members are Principal Investigator, Grant Writer, Associate Director, City Manager or Financial Officer.
  • If an organization member wants access to the organization prior to the agency administrator adding the member, the agency administrator should be contacted directly instead of using the Agency Administrator Registration page. If any user type besides the AA selects Agency Administrator Registration, the state system administrator will deny the account. If the member does not know who the agency administrator is, the state system administrator can provide the information.
  • If an organization will pursue funding from multiple state agencies, the AA will contact each agency to request access. The Agency Administrator Registration process should not be used to request access to multiple organizations. This will result in multiple accounts.
  • Agency contact information, including e-mail, is also included in the Show Help on the Welcome page. 
           Federal Grants Division, District Attorneys Council - Email
           Cody Butler, Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce, 405-213-8667, Email
           Grant Management, Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), Email
           Mike Bray, Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO),  Email
           Mark Ballard, OCAST, Email
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