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ODOC Community Development Block Grant 2012 - ODOC CDBG Infrastructure Application CDBG-2012
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Department of Commerce
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The CDBG program is federal funding provided to the Department of Commerce from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Eligible applicants are units of general local governments (incorporated towns, cities and counties). There are 6 major categories or set-aside of funds:

CDBG REAP Application 2012 Submission Deadline – February 29, 2012

The CDBG REAP Program was developed in partnership with the Substate Planning Districts (SSPD)to make a greater impact on each district by matching CDBG funds dollar for dollar on each project in their respective area.Your local SSPD will receive and rank each application in its area. All completed CDBG/REAP applications should be sent to your local SSPD by the required deadline. Applicants should contact their local SSPD to verify application deadlines.

CDBG REAP Guidelines

CDBG Community Revitalization Application 2012 Submission Deadline – March 30, 2012

The Community Revitalization Program addresses quality of life needs in rural Oklahoma communities, helping these communities thrive, grow, and spark a sense of pride in citizens. An Applicant may submit a project proposal for any eligible activity listed under Section 105(a) of the Federal Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, other than water or wastewater projects.

Community Revitalization Guidelines

CDBG Water and Wastewater Engineering Application 2012 Submission Deadline – May 4, 2012

The Water and Wastewater Engineering Program funds water and wastewater projects that require more than one year to complete through a "phased approach". Phase I of the Water and Wastewater Engineering program covers only engineering costs plus an appropriate amount of administration. Once the applicant receives their construction permit, the Community Development Division at Commerce will issue an award for construction, and the second phase (Phase II) of the project will begin.

Water and Wastewater Engineering Guidelines

Capital Improvement Planning Submission Deadline - July 6, 2012

This grant opportunity provides funding for units of general local government (cities, towns, and counties) to undertake a comprehensive inventory of all governmentally owned assets. Based on this inventory a 5 year strategic capital improvement plan is developed and all assets placed on GIS mapping.

CDBG-Small Cities Submission Deadline – July 20, 2012

Oklahoma’s Small Cities program helps fund infrastructure and economic improvement projects for Oklahoma communities with a population between 15,000 and 50,000 and that are currently not HUD designated entitlement communities or a participant in the CDBG Urban County Designation for Tulsa County. Current eligible communities are: Ada, Altus, Ardmore, Bartlesville, Bethany, Chickasha, Claremore, Del City, Duncan, Durant, El Reno, McAlester, Muskogee, Mustang, Ponca City, Stillwater, Tahlequah, and Yukon. Participating communities are allocated a percentage of the total amount of available funding depending on population and income levels.

Small Cities Guidelines

CDBG – Water-Wastewater Construction Submission Deadline – May 4, 2012

Oklahoma’s Community Development Block Grant-Water-Wastewater Construction program is for applicants that are ready to begin construction on a water or wastewater project. Eligible units of local government that provide documentation of final plans and specifications or a construction permit secured through the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) may apply under this category. CDBG funds may only be utilized for construction, inspection, and administration costs. Engineering costs are prohibited. The national objective of the water-wastewater construction program is to provide benefit to low and moderate income persons. The maximum grant amount is $350,000.

Water-Wastewater Construction Guidelines Policies | About | Accessibility
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